Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Fever...

Well well well, the World Cup is upon us, now it's time for everyone to stick themselves to the TV screens everywhere and watch this once-in-4-years event.

ART of course have the shitty rights to air, depriving a lot from watching the event on terrestrial TV for free, the way it USED to be, the jackasses. God bless the Dream Box and the wonders it makes ;)

One of the advantages of this event is that people would be busy watching the tournament either at home, at a friend's, at a gahwa* or in large malls where they set-up large screen TVs. This means that traffic during match times will be reduced thus allowing you to be able to run some of your errands in less irritation.

We will try to cover some of the events with some reports and hopefully some pics that we can get, either here in Bahrain, of people watching the World Cup or from various websites.

It has already started and the results thus far are as follows:

June 9th:

Group A: Germany 4 - 2 Costa Rica
Group A: Poland 0 - 2 Ecuador

June 10th:

Group B: England 1 - 0 Paraguay
Group B: Trinidad & Tobago 0 - 0 Sweden
Group C: Argentina 2 - 1 Ivory Coast

June 11th:

Group C: Serbia & Montenegro 0 - 1 Holland
Group D: Mexico 3 - 1 Iran
Group D: Angola 0 - 1 Portugal

June 12th:

Group E: Italy 2 - 0 Ghana
Group E: USA 0 - 3 Czech Republic
Group F: Australia 3 - 1 Japan

Today's Games:

Group F: Brazil vs. Croatia
Group G: France vs. Switzerland
Group G: South Korea vs. Togo

*Gahwa: Literally means "Coffee" and in context it means Coffee Shop.


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