Monday, June 19, 2006

The Saudis Got What They Deserve...

I am soooooooooo ecstatic, Saudi lost to Ukraine 4-0, hoooray!

I hope this silences them, even better, if Ukraine lost to Spain 4-0, and they beat Saudi 4-0, so theoretically, Saudi should lose to Spain by no less than 8-0 which would be a reincarnation of their brilliant loss to Germany 8-0 four years ago!

This was hung on the window of my car 4 years back...

This is my gift today to all who are happy for Saudi's loss, and I hope that by next Friday, the day of deliverance will come and we see another 8 goals past this arrogant team...

Now some might ask, why all this hatred towards Saudi? I have my reasons, but it's not against the Saudis themselves, it's against their shitty team and their arrogance, they act as if they are the best team in the universe. For fuck's sake just accept that you're a shitty team and don't make false statements in the fucking newspapers that you are going past the giant teams! Talk about over-confidence.

So up yours, Sami Al-Jaber Al-Zagga*. You deserve it for being such an arrogant and unsportsman bastard. Fucking asswipe.

On the other hand, England -much to my happiness- have made it through to the second round after beating Trinidad's team by 2-0. Although their performance wasn't convincing but let's hope they do better in the coming rounds. As for Trinidad, they have put up some nice display although their team is not that big. I wonder what were the Bahrain team going to look like if they fell in a group with giants like England and Sweden? I guess even more hammering than the Saudi bastards!

*Zagga = Shit


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