Monday, July 10, 2006

What Zidane Lacks is a Couple of Horns…

Well this World Cup is finally over, being a follower of this tournament fully since 1990, I must admit that this was the worst ever! I know a lot of you enjoyed it, especially glory hunters who have no passion to the game, only follow the winning teams and boy will the supporters of Italy grow in numbers in Bahrain. I hated the tournament, it’s my right. You loved it, good for you! Now let me speak up, dumbass.

Zidane exited in the best manner which made me so happy. For him to end his career in such a goatish way, was the best that I could watch on TV.

This French (Originally a Touareg Barbarian-Algerian) baguette tosser is a professional who a lot of people admire for what he has done for football. So no matter how insulting someone can be against you, as a professional, you had no excuse to do that. So kudos to the ref who acted perfectly, and "Shaineddine", you got OWNED!!!!

So France and Italy both being on my most hated teams list, I was actually happy that Italy denied those baguette devourers a chance to show off again like they did in 1998. You DON'T fucking deserve to go past the second round at the most. Your true face was shown in 2002 when you didn't score a single goddamn goal. That's what your level is. Heck you barely made it out of the group stage this year. Talk about fucking luck.

Anyways I am glad this shitty tournament is over with. We can go back to our normal lives and hope that 2010 would be a better one.
I will be covering it on this same blog hopefully. This year was too shitty for me to put any effort into covering it. The best highlight of it was Saudi's 4-0 loss to Ukraine and Italy's win over France last night. Until then, this is the LiB Team leaving this blog until the next World Cup begins. Take care and stay tuned back on


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